Band Membership Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place to support the Band’s mission statement. Members who have questions about any particular area should consult the Music Director or the current President of the Board. These guidelines will be reviewed on a regular basis and necessary revisions will be made by the Board Of Directors as needed.

1. Attendance

Rehearsals – Band members are expected to attend all rehearsals. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday, excluding school holidays and breaks. Members should plan to set this night of the week aside for rehearsals. If a member cannot attend a rehearsal, the Music Director should be notified in a timely fashion, ideally several days in advance.
Regular rehearsal attendance is required in order to play in performances. Therefore, if a member misses many rehearsals, the Music Director may decide the member is not qualified to play in an upcoming performance.

Rehearsal attendance affects the entire band and is important for achieving good musical quality.

Performances – Band members are expected to perform at all scheduled events including concerts and parades. If a member is unable to perform, the Music Director should be notified well in advance. Attendance at events affects the Music Director’s program planning.
Parades are an important part of the band’s function and all members are expected to participate unless physically unable.
Event attendance affects the quality of the performance.

Extended absences – Band members who leave the group for an extended period of time should consult the Music Director before returning. Because adjustments are made to accommodate an extended absence, it may not be possible for a member to immediately return to their previous role.

2. Concert Dress

Indoor Concerts (Christmas Concert, Special Concerts, any formal concert such as NH Band Festival etc.): Black on Black black skirts or slacks and black tops, minimal jewelry for women; black pants, black dress shirt (long sleeve) or similar for men; black socks and shoes for all.

Summer Concerts and Parades: Amherst Town Band polo shirts, Khaki trousers/pants/slacks, walking shoes or sneakers. (Only if temperatures are over 90 degrees will Khaki shorts of “Bermuda” length be worn)

3. Music Preparation

All members are expected to practice their parts outside of rehearsals as needed to maximize the efficiency of rehearsals. Things that should be worked on individually primarily include notes and rhythms as well as more specific details in the music such as articulations. Band rehearsal time is not meant for practicing basic parts of pieces but for working on the musicality of pieces such as balance, intonation, blend, transitions and overall interpretation.
If a member is clearly not prepared by the last rehearsal before a performance, the Music Director may ask that member not to play in that performance or even those that follow until the member demonstrates playing proficiency during rehearsal(s).

4. Member Etiquette

Members of the band will conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner in rehearsal and concert settings.
Band members are responsible for contributing to a positive rehearsal and performance atmosphere. Conversation not directly related to the music seriously undermines rehearsal efficiency and is therefore inappropriate. Tuning (other than as directed by the Music Director), practicing, and “noodling” during rehearsal is also disruptive and not permissible.
Warming ups are encouraged, but should be limited to the hallway or adjacent rehearsal space.
Each member is responsible for maintaining his/her instrument in good working order.
Members should be on time and ready to play at rehearsal start and for call times at performances.

5. Section leaders

Section leaders may be assigned by the Music Director as needed. Duties may include intonation of the section, music needs, etc.

6. Music Distribution/ Maintenance

Members are expected to play the parts assigned by the Music Director to the best of their ability. Parts will be assigned according to a player’s ability, the needs of the section, and to achieve the best musical balance and performance. The Music Director will assign parts, but may consult section leaders as needed.
Members are responsible for having their music (and folder) at each rehearsal and performance. Members unable to make a rehearsal or performance must get their music to the section leader, Music Director, or Librarian so that part can be covered if needed.
Members must return all music when collected in a timely fashion.

7. New Members

In order to maintain balance of instrumentation, new members will be added based on needs assessed by the Music Director. Although there are no auditions, prospective band members are asked to sit in on a few rehearsals to determine if their playing ability and interests match the group. The Band typically plays level 4 and 5 music. It is ultimately up to the Music Director to determine if the new member’s playing ability is consistent with expectations. New members should thoroughly review this document to determine if they are able to fulfill the commitment of the group.

8. Endowments and Contributions

At this time there is not a participation fee for membership. Members who wish to make a monetary contribution to the Band may do so by contacting the President of the Board or the Treasurer. The Band is a non-profit organization and appreciative of any contributions.
Band members are expected to support fundraiser efforts including parades, concerts, and other endeavors.

In order to maximize the enjoyment of all Band members and ensure the ongoing success of the Band, each member must maintain awareness of these guidelines and follow them consistently.
Players who continually fail to observe these rehearsal and concert guidelines may be asked to leave the band.